How to reduce the risk of overuse injuries in your youth athletes

Overuse injuries are and have always been a big problem in young athletes. The pressures of succeeding in sport and the immense emphasis by many coaches on maximising volume and intensity of training sessions has caused many young athletes to suffer injuries and at times have their young sporting career significantly disrupted or destroyed. Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce the risk of overuse injuries in our young athletes:


-Evaluation by a sports medicine physician prior to sports participation in order to identify medical problems and injury risk factors.

-Educate parents about the risks and benefits of competitive sport as well as the importance of preparatory conditioning.

-Allow adequate time for recovery between sport seasons.

-Training programs should be multi-dimensional- incorporate resistance training, fundamental movement skills, speed, plyometric and agility development.

-Educate coaches to implement recovery strategies between hard training sessions.

-Educate youth, parents and coaches about the importance of nutrition, hydration and sleep.

-Encourage youth coaches to participate in professional development programs to learn about conditioning, sports skills, safety rules, equipment, physiology of growth and development and the psychosocial needs of children.

-Avoid excessive pressure on youth to perform at levels beyond their capabilities. Well-being should at all times remain the PRIORITY.

-Children should be encouraged to participate in a variety of sports and delay sport specialisation until at least the adolescent years.

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Dr. Dehkordi 


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