Physician Health and Wellness

I want to take a moment to talk about physician health and wellness. This is perhaps more geared towards my physician colleagues but really anyone in health care can likely relate. The road to becoming a doctor is long. It begins with long hours of classes and studying during the initial phase and this transitions to busy and exhausting days and nights of clinical work and patient care later on. Often we get so busy and caught up in our work and providing care for others that we forget about our very own health and well-being- both physical and mental.

The grind becomes particularly gruelling during the residency years but even afterwards most doctors lead busy and demanding careers. Frequently, the time we should put into our health and wellness is lost in the shuffle.

This happens because as physicians sometimes we don’t see our own health as a priority. Our instinctive nature tells us to put our patient’s health ahead of our own. Well we can’t take proper care of our patients if we’re ailing physically and mentally ourselves.

Personally, my own health and fitness has always been a priority for me. For some of my colleagues this comes easy but for others this is a completely foreign idea. I can’t stress the importance of taking care of one’s mental and physical health as a physician. Over the years I have come across way too many doctors who have been depressed, anxious, or in poor physical health as a result of their demanding careers. It's time we took a moment and focused on our own health and well being as physicians. This means making time for that 15-30 minutes a day of physical exercise or making healthier nutritional choices. This means seeking help if we’re suffering emotionally. It may not be what we’re used to or it may be uncomfortable but remember, being uncomfortable is what produces progress. This is beneficial not only to us but also allows us to be better to our patients.


-The Soccer Doc

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